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Partial List of Expertise Area Courses for GS ASE

Established Areas with Existing Sequences
Core Focus Area 1: Advanced Propulsion Systems, APS
ME 7384: Energy Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Control of Advanced Vehicles
ME 7383: Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems for Automotive Applications

Core Focus Area 2: Powertrain Modeling and Control, PMC
ME 7236: Powertrain Dynamics
ECE 5554: Powertrain Control
ME 8312: Diesel Engine Systems Control
ME 8372: Fault Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems

Core Focus Area 3: Noise, Vibration and Harshness, NVH
ME 7260/1: Automotive Noise and Vibration Control I
ME 7262/3: Automotive Noise and Vibration Control II

Core Focus Area 4: Internal Combustion Engines, ICE
ME 5530: Internal Combustion Engines
ME 5531: Automotive Powertrain Laboratory
ME 5527: Introduction to Turbomachinery
ME 7440: Internal Combustion Engine Modeling
ME 7520: Wave Dynamics in Fluids

Core Focus Area 5: Electric Power Conversion, EPC
ECE 5025: Power Electronics Devices, Circuits and Applications
ECE 5041: Electric Machine Fundamentals
ECE 5541: Sustainable Energy and Power Systems

Core Focus Area 6: Vehicle Systems
ME 5234: Vehicle Dynamics
ME 8322: Vehicle System Dynamics and Control
ME 8372: Fault Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems
ECE 5553: Autonomy in Vehicles
ECE 7855: Large Scale and Cyber-Physical Systems?
ECE 5400: Instrumentation, Signals and Control in Transportation Applications